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Top 5 Lunch Break Activities when WFH

Before lockdown, how did you spend your lunch breaks? I’m sure they were a lot more eventful compared to now. I used to look forward to casual kitchen conversations and sharing a giggle or two. I often reminisce about my freshly prepared baguettes, which sadly do not compare to my current limp and floppy alternative.

WFH life has stolen the spontaneity from our lunch breaks; we’re more likely to take a quick nap than a trip to the shops. However, we have 30–60 minutes of glorious free time — and we should put it to good use. Also, having something to look forward to midday will help the time pass! Here are five fun things you can do to jazz up your lunch breaks.

Have you always wanted to learn how to play an instrument or learn a language? — 20 minutes of practice a day is all it takes! There are also countless tutorials on YouTube to get you started. You could be a strumming guitarist in 10 days.

It’s something exciting to do, ensuring you have a physical and mental distraction from anything work-related. (Yes, please!) Hopefully, by next year you can join a band or flirt fluently in French.

Whatever your passion is, it’s worth investing some time to discover your hidden talents. The best part is you can do it secretly, so you don’t risk embarrassment in front of your colleagues.

Put the devices away temporarily and read something enjoyable. Studies have shown that reading improves your wellbeing and reduces the symptoms of depression. It’s a break from reality, where you’re transported into a different world — a great distraction from our current nightmare and problems.

Spending 30 minutes reading one chapter encourages you to use your imagination and be creative, rather than mindlessly watching TV. It’s also wise to peel yourself away from the screens. Regular breaks prevent tension headaches and increase productivity, so you’ll be prepared for the rest of the working day.

Some of us are probably missing the daily social interactions and consequently feeling lonely or bored. This is the best time to have an old-fashioned phone call with a friend. It requires minimal effort, plus there are maximum benefits. Research shows that chatting with a friend boosts your mood, increases levels of motivation and self-esteem.

During these times, social isolation and a build-up of anxiety are quite common. We might be communicating via text or social media, but this is not necessarily the best way to connect. Actually, it can leave us feeling even more separated from friends or relationships.

At the risk of sounding like a nagging parent, if you stay sitting at your desk all day, it’s going to ruin your posture! Stretching your legs and getting your blood pumping will release endorphins that make you feel motivated and energetic. You’ll notice the benefits after just 30 minutes, and it’s a great way to relieve stress or anxiety.

Whether you go for a quick stroll around the block or do a home workout, you will feel more relaxed. It’s also a simple, low-cost activity, so there’s no excuse really… And you really don’t want to end up like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Lunch is the second-best time of the day, so make it count. The excuse “I don’t have time” is really not applicable anymore. There are literally hundreds of quick recipe ideas online that will transform your mediocre sandwich into something a-la-carte. (Fancy Avo Toast? — coming right up!)

You could even recreate your favourite Subway meal — just make sure you have the ingredients beforehand… If you only have 10 minutes, try out these lunch ideas here.

We may be snacking a bit more than usual, but you still need a nourishing lunch. So, give yourself the fuel you need to power through and whip yourself up something delicious!

To quote President Trump, “don’t let Corona dominate your life”. Obviously, be mindful and stay safe, but remember to make the most of your leisure time. You deserve it!

Written by Naida Allen
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