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4 Screen-Free Ways to Make the Most of your Leisure Time

Now, more than ever, we are constantly attached to screens. As if it wasn’t bad enough when we were all just addicted to our phones, now we have our multiple Zoom meetings a day, our laptops forever open and our retinas continually frying.

And then we finish work, finally presented with some free time, we can’t actually go anywhere, so what do we do? We sit in front of the TV — yet another screen. If you can’t already tell, I am sick of screens. If you are too, stick around and find out how to best spend your leisure time away from those cursed screens.

As hobbies go, I think anything creative is a fantastic investment of time and effort, rewarding you with constant improvement and fun works of art. And better still, there are a thousand and one creative hobbies that you can do without ever having to go anywhere near a screen. Winner!

Drawing or painting are great activities to do at home that don’t require too much money or equipment. However, don’t be afraid to try something crazy! Why not try brewing your own beer, or get into beadwork and make your own jewellery? Get hands on, and you’ll find that your time away from your screen is interesting, engaging, and rewarding.

If you find that all of your go-to hobbies tend to involve a screen, it might be time for a blast from the past. As tempting as it can be to spend your entire life staring into blue light, you may benefit from trying to find a more old-fashioned equivalent to your electronic pastimes.

If you’re a big reader, maybe trade in the Kindle for a proper book every once in a while. If you like to write, close the laptop and invest in a nice journal or notebook where you can write to your heart’s content the way Shakespeare did.

And if you’re a video game nerd, maybe try swapping out your consoles for a board game. It doesn’t have to be boring, old Snakes and Ladders or role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons have made a comeback for a reason! And you never know — you might just end up liking doing things the old-fashioned way…

This is always a suggestion for reducing screen-time, and there’s good reason for it; exercise is the antithesis of the sedentary screen life. So if you’ve had enough of sitting in front of your computer, get up and out!

Exercise is your perfect opportunity to get out of the house, and it doesn’t have to be a hard-core HIIT workout to be rewarding. Even just a walk around your local park is a great change of scenery from your endless spreadsheets. And if you can go for a nice run or bike ride, even better! The fresh air will do you good and be a well-needed break from screens.

Don’t worry if you can’t get out, though — an at-home workout can be just as beneficial, and, contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need a screen to do them!

If you don’t fancy getting in touch with nature, try getting in touch with your inner self. Taking some time to centre yourself and practice mindfulness is a great break from the fast-paced virtual life. Nurture your body with breathing exercises or yoga, and exercise your mind by expressing gratitude and being present in the moment. You’ll definitely find it worthwhile, both to your physical and mental health!

So now that you’ve had a good break from screens, you’ll actually be able to appreciate them when you get back to them! Because while too much screen-time can drive you mad, we’d be lost without our gadgets and gizmos. Like with everything in life, balance is key, so make sure you’re getting it and step away from the screen every once in a while. You won’t regret it!

Written by Adena Dewar
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