How To Achieve Goals You Have Set Yourself

In this current climate, many people have to face the harsh reality that we are at an unfortunate disadvantage when it comes to hitting goals and ultimately achieving success. To not let yourself become demotivated or uninterested in your aims and goals, focus on these elements that will help you to get back on track.

Routine is everything

It is very easy to lose sense of time in the current COVID situation. However to keep yourself from lacking in motivation, setting points throughout your day where you can achieve tasks and get things done will allow you to remain positive. Following a regime weekly will automatically put you back into a familiar cycle that you can repeat each day, and not feel like you are being unproductive.

Trust the process

I know that this is a very common phrase that many people live by; for me personally it is a lifesaver to keep me motivated on pushing through the tough times. Where many people are now on furlough or have been made redundant from their jobs, or even just generally unemployed because of the climate we are stuck in, it is very easy to lose sight and hope in your future career path endeavours.

However, what you must not do is lose this hope and give up, as this will only affect your mental state negatively and will ultimately fail you in achieving what you want. If you tell yourself that you are just going through a bad patch and will come out of the other side stronger, it will most definitely work in your favour, naturally giving you a confidence boost to work harder. Therefore giving you better opportunities in the long run. Your mindset is a very powerful thing and influences your outlook and perspective on things in life — so keep that in mind.

Work towards big whilst achieving smaller

You will not achieve big goals or dreams overnight. That goes for anything you strive towards. Therefore, when you are dreaming big, there will be small steps along the way that you must take in order to reach that end point.

If you can get the smaller obstacles completed, when it comes round to the big goal, you are in the right position in your life to go for it. Even if that means writing a to do list every week to get a set of small tasks done. This will enhance not only your organisational skills, but generally your ability to work hard and towards something which will shine through to others.

Use this crucial time wisely; you may potentially have more time on your hands due to less opportunities to socialise and less social events, which could aid your progress.

Evaluate your passion and love for it

Sometimes we may set goals for ourselves in life because we think that is what we have to do or it may be because we want to please or impress a particular company or person. However these goals will be a lot harder to achieve without that underlying passion for it. This is why you must always prioritise what is most important to you in your life.

If you love something and want to have it in your life (whether that be a career opportunity or a goal in a hobby of interest), then you will naturally work a lot harder to achieve it. Therefore, make sure you are prioritising the right things and focusing on your gains in your own life. You should not let others influence what you must do in order to be successful, as everyone has their own definition of success and you must live by yours.

Written by Shannon Donovan
Shannon is a student particularly interested in the art of the English Language and how words that are expressed can affect society’s actions in a very impactful way. She is very passionate about the idea of positivity being fulfilled in our mental health and wellbeing and wants to continue to express how we can help combat the negative aspects that our world may sometimes bring.

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