Having Trouble Staying on Task? Here Are Some Helpful Tips for Improving Focus and Concentration

The ability to complete tasks that we must accomplish on a daily basis relies on two main things: motivation and discipline. While motivation is an excellent starting point, we all eventually run out of excitement or passion for a task, relying on our discipline and focus to see us through even when we have no desire to take care of something. Have you found it hard to concentrate or focus on your tasks lately? If so, let’s take a look at some helpful tips that will make it easier to get things done!

1. Create an Incentive to Focus on a Task

Let’s face it, we all perform better when there are rewards involved, and that’s absolutely okay! You can leverage this to your advantage by providing yourself with incentives to complete whatever task may be at hand. For example, if you are having trouble getting through a certain project at work, you can motivate yourself to focus by promising yourself a reward after you have completed the task, whether that be in the form of a small treat or something like a personal movie night (if the project is big enough to warrant a larger reward). Although it will take a lot of willpower to ensure that you don’t give yourself the reward prior to completing your project, this is one great way to sharpen your focus.

2. Eliminate All Distractions to Improve Your Concentration

No matter how many times you tell yourself that you can multitask, there is no denying that keeping yourself on track doing one thing is far more efficient than trying to split your focus across multiple things at once. If you are a working professional, you may be attempting to check your email, respond to messages on your phone, work on an assignment, and take care of a million other things at once. The solution? Eliminate all unnecessary distractions and sit down in front of your most important task until it has been completed.

If you need additional motivation to concentrate on one thing, you can set a timer for yourself and work to beat the timer, staying focused until you reach your next break period. If there is nothing else around you that could potentially steal your attention, you are more likely to maintain your concentration at the task at hand.

3. Find Your “Why”

If you have no reason to do something, no amount of tips and tricks are going to help you get it done. You are going to resist as much as possible until you either face repercussions for your lack of focus or until you simply get it done. However, it is best to avoid this issue by getting things done immediately, all the time. How? Before you begin something, discover your “why” for doing it. Back to the example of work, the one biggest motivator behind getting something done is financial. But there are so many other reasons to get your task done. Perhaps you work for a company that provides immense value to its customers. Maybe you get to work face-to-face with people as you change their lives for the better.

No matter what reason you may have for getting something done, use this purpose to improve your focus and concentration.

4. Take Breaks (and Place a Greater Emphasis on Self-Care)

There’s an overwhelming sense of urgency to get more done in life. As a result, we tend to work ourselves to the ground as we find new ways to stretch out the day that we have. Inevitably, this leads to burnout, which greatly impacts our ability to perform. Rather than getting to this point and attempting to bounce back after the damage has been done, make an effort to schedule more self-care and breaks into your schedule and place a greater emphasis on pursuing activities that replenish your energy.

Although a lack of concentration and focus can result in self-doubt, it is more than possible to bring yourself back to a state of consistent productivity. To help you get started, make sure to incorporate the four tips provided above into your routine, no matter what you may need to focus on!

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Discover and access health and wellbeing services based on your needs.

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