Building Relationships in the Workplace

In order to feel comfortable within your work environment, whether that be in an office or regularly on the go working with all different types of people, you need to begin to building strong relationships with your fellow peers and superiors.

This can be achieved by considering just a few things:

  1. Constructive criticism is good

When a boss or someone of a higher level of authority comments on your ability that is going to benefit your work performance, you should never consider this a negative aspect to your environment within the workplace.

If you learn to accept this constructive criticism with a positive attitude and a smile on your face, they will respect you more and know that you want to learn to be better in everything you do. Choosing to ignore their feedback will allow them to view you in a bad light. It could make your workplace and relationships tense, as you may start an underlying conflict between yourself and your boss without even realising.

Most of the time your boss is only trying to make you better; it not only allows them to show you off as someone that they have helped achieve success, but also they want you to continue to grow in the same way that they have done in their career.

2. Don’t stay mute

If you feel that you are being mistreated or you are not getting the communication you feel you need, speak out and don’t let it fester inside. Staying silent will only build up more thoughts for you to ruminate over, without actually doing anything about it. If you continue to do this, you will slowly begin to feel like your work, and the workplace generally is not a nice place for you to be in.

Sometimes talking to a fellow peer in a similar situation can help relieve stress and anxiety that you may be feeling — but once it becomes gossip, the workplace can become a toxic and awkward environment for all parties involved.

Always make sure to deal with a problem instantly with a strong and assertive composure, whilst still being polite and considerate of your boss and peers. If you do so, your boss will respect you more for speaking out about how you feel; they can then acknowledge that you have taken the initiative in a difficult situation and have dealt with it hands-on.

3. Support over jealousy

When another member of your team has successfully achieved something (whether that’s a promotion or completing a task), use that element of hard work that they have shown and implement that into your own mentality, supporting their efforts as you do so. Do not turn to jealousy! This will only allow you to create a comparison in your mind of what you are capable of in comparison to what they are capable of.

You are two individuals both striving for success and no matter who achieves what, with a positive attitude and commitment and loyalty within your work, alongside a hard work ethic, both individuals can achieve greatness. So jealousy is never the solution. This will also show your fellow peers that you don’t solely focus on your own personal gains, but you are willing to support all members of the team. Therefore, building a stronger relationship within the workplace automatically.

4. Be proactive

An unexpected act of kindness or helping out around the office without being asked is much appreciated — and would not go unnoticed by members of your team. Acting this way shows that you are willing to take initiative and do something that would benefit the whole company and not just yourself.

Naturally, you will be more likeable, as your selflessness and generosity in these circumstances will shine through. Others will also respect you and want to gain a strong bond with you within the workplace.

Written by Shannon Donovan
Shannon is a student particularly interested in the art of the English Language and how words that are expressed can affect society’s actions in a very impactful way. She is very passionate about the idea of positivity being fulfilled in our mental health and wellbeing and wants to continue to express how we can help combat the negative aspects that our world may sometimes bring.




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Discover and access health and wellbeing services based on your needs.

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