6 Spooky Socials for Halloween

3 min readOct 28, 2020


Being stuck in a pandemic is scary enough, so how could we possibly torture ourselves even more? Some of us love to be spooked and voluntarily succumb to nightmares. Yes, Halloween is coming up, and we all love a fun work social. And fear not, lockdown doesn’t have to rain on your parade! Here are 5 COVID-friendly activities you can do with your team this year.

Virtual Ghoooost Tours

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as a ghost tour — especially in the comfort of your own home. Take a “walk” through London’s Eerie Hotspots, visit the Haunted Streets of York or even brave the bewitched ol’ Edinburgh town. Some tours are free, where others are ticketed for under £10 per person. If things get too scary, run to your bedroom or wrap yourself up in a blanket. The best part is, no one will hear you scream. (This sounds sadistic, I meant you wouldn’t embarrass yourself in front of colleagues…) Do you think this wouldn’t even scare a kid? I dare you to give it a go.

Online Movie Night

Horror films are all the rage. Pick a couple of favourites, set yourselves up with snacks and press play! There are a few platforms you can use to get in sync with each other.

  1. Netflix Party: Everyone needs an active subscription for this to work. One person can control all devices, and there is a chat-room tab available to comment, so you don’t miss any of the action!
  2. Scener: This is a “Virtual Movie Theatre” allowing you to share access with up to 10 friends. You can then create a live streaming link for up to 1million people globally. You can also watch together from different services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ etc. and download Scener as a google extension.
  3. TwoSeven: This is a web app that allows you to share screens with an unlimited number of people. It also allows webcam and microphone access so you can even see others’ reactions.

Fancy Dress Competition

If you’re having some FOMO and yearn for the scary costumes and make-up, host a virtual dress-up competition. Get creative and try some of these tutorials to really creep your co-workers out. You can compare via zoom, or upload pictures to a group chat and then vote on the winner. Throw in prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to really boost the rivalry. Options include vouchers, a bottle of fizz or maybe Spa tickets. Sounds bloody fantastic.

Go to Fright Night

If you really want to challenge yourselves this year, then book a trip to the infamous Fright Night at Thorpe Park. With murderous mazes, jump-scares and deathly rides, what more could you want? In line with national guidelines, you’re permitted to go out in groups of up to 6 people whilst adhering to social distancing rules. So you’re safe (sort of).

Carve Your Pumpkins

Get everyone to buy a pumpkin and virtually chat while you carve. Halloween socials don’t have to be chilling — especially if you’d prefer not to give yourself a heart attack. This is something simple yet enjoyable to do as a team. Again, you could turn it into a competition for the best Jack O’ Lantern.

Host an Online Party

Maybe you thought you were out of the woods with virtual parties, but they’re making a swift comeback. Create some Halloween themed cocktails and put on a playlist with all the popular tunes. You could also choose a theme, decorate your room and plan some games. You won’t have to worry about a 10 pm curfew and drinks are on the house — cheers to that!

Written by Naida Allen
Naida is a Criminology and Psychology graduate who is passionate about promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. She is a creative writer/blogger and runs an online platform with a close friend called ‘Confidently Anxious’ — which aims to help others struggling with their mental health by sharing personal stories and coping tips. She currently volunteers as a Peer Mentor for young persons.




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