5 Ways to Get More Meaning Out Of Your Day At Work

Before you start reading, stop and think: what would make your job seem more meaningful? If you can’t think of anything, then I guess that’s why you’re here. It’s true that sometimes life and our work can seem pretty meaningless. Whether you’ve just started your job, or have been in the same company for 5 years, it does get to a point where you start to wonder “why am I here?”

Many of us are stuck on auto-pilot. And our working days aren’t any better: the same meetings, the same daily tasks and the same targets. If you’re coming home from work feeling less than satisfied, or wondering what it is you’re actually contributing, then we’ve got 5 tips to help you achieve more meaning out of your days and beyond…

1. Focus on why not what

  • Why do you get up in the morning?
  • Why do you go to work?
  • Why did you apply for your current role?

Perhaps you’ve got to the stage where your To-Do list has become more and more extensive; you’re ticking off so many tasks but still feel like something is missing… The fact is, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, or how much you do, if you’re just not that into it.

Rather than focus on the trigger-happy reward of completing a task, focus on how you feel during or after doing it: Does it make you genuinely happy? Do you feel like you’ve contributed to something bigger than yourself? Understanding this will help you to get more meaning out of your day, and motivate you to do more of those particular tasks that unveil these positive feelings.

2. Do the hardest thing first

Firstly, when you do the hardest task first, you immediately overcome that feeling of dread; it’s over and done with, and you can move on. Secondly, once you’ve done the said task, you instantly feel more productive and strong-willed, ready to take on the world, so to speak. This is because the worst is over, and now the day is not only easier but more meaningful.

To demonstrate, let’s take something simple like sorting out your insurance, something we all despise. Yes, waiting on hold for 2 hours, getting stressed out with the robot on the other end and filling out a phone survey makes your blood boil… But when it’s finally done, you feel so relieved and happy that you could kiss a tree!

The cliché “quality, not quantity” can really apply here: meaning is not about how much you’ve achieved in one day, but how you spent your time effectively.

3. Avoid buzzing distractions

It’s difficult to stay committed to your work when your mind wanders, or you just lacklustre. One of the most rewarding things you can do is remove all electronics during the working day. If you have a safe, this is the perfect place to store your phone (and any other devices) that don’t serve you whilst you try to hustle. Not only will this help you to focus on yourself, but also it will encourage you to use your brain space more effectively, therefore, cultivating more meaningful days.

4. Ask and give feedback

Sometimes we find it hard to self-compliment, especially when we’ve been doing a particular job for so long that it becomes second nature, and we start to wonder whether we are actually good at it. It’s also quite common to feel upset that your contribution has gone unnoticed, and question whether fellow teammates would even notice if you were gone. This is when it’s useful to clarify these qualms by asking another person for an unbiased opinion.

Asking for feedback is especially good when you feel like your hard work goes unnoticed. Alternatively, you could offer guidance or give feedback to someone else when they are in need. This type of altruism gives you a sense of meaning, and there’s nothing like giving someone a supportive nudge to leave you feeling like your work matters.

5. Find a new way of doing something

A weird example is that I am used to cutting pineapple with a particular knife; I always use it without fail. My dad noticed me struggling, and said I should try using the serrated bread knife. Initially, I thought this was silly, but just to appease him, I tried using this other knife. Well, it was truly magical. It turns out (to my dismay) that this was much easier and satisfying than my previous hack-job. This analogy can be applied to how you approach your day at work.

Ask someone how they would do a particular task or just try it from another angle. It’s human nature to learn and evolve, so it’s normal to become disinterested in our day when we do the same thing on repeat. Therefore getting a new perspective helps to keep the spark up, whilst also wielding new skills.

A meaningful end…

Just because you might not have discovered the COVID Vaccine doesn’t mean that your role at work is worthless. We all compare ourselves to others without realising how much we already give to the world, simply by just being. Hopefully, these tips will help you to get more meaning out of your day, and turn it into something more eventful.

Written by Naida Allen
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